Robin Lehner – Playoffs Baby! Cartoon

Robin Lehner – Playoffs Baby! Cartoon

Cartoons, Hockey, and Mental Health Awareness

Robin Lehner Cartoon

Creating New York Islanders cartoons is always enjoyable, but when it came to drawing Robin Lehner it was extra special.  What this man has been through, sharing his story, and where he is now is amazing.

Being a former goalie myself, though just in college and travel teams, I was of course always a fan of many NHL goaltenders. I always had respect for the way they played, even which ones had the best masks.

When Robin came to my team, the Islanders, I was excited to cheer him on. He has become one of my favorite netminders, and what great play this season! If it weren’t for him and fellow goalie Thomas Greiss, the Islanders would not be in the playoffs right now.

Robin Lehner

Reading about Robin’s personal battle with anxiety and depression really hit home for me. I too have suffered from anxiety issues for years. Doctors have said my anxiety may be caused by concussions, genetics, hypoglycemia, even paint fumes (no joke), or all of the above. Robin’s story, just as Corey Hirsch’s, is helping shed a larger light on mental health awareness. We all have different cases, but exchanging stories can help.


Robin Lehner Drawing


After drawing the Robin Lehner cartoon my first thought was to try and reach out to him and print shirts, then donate the proceeds to a mental health charity.  Now, I realize he’s a little bit busy currently battling some Penguins so that idea will have to wait.

Many people have reached out asking if I would put the “Playoffs Baby!” design up on my TeePublic shirt store.  I really want to try and stick to my original plan but I do not print the shirts myself, nor have the exact charity to donate the profits to. 

So this is the new plan now. Below is the Robin Lehner “Playoffs Baby!” cartoon art for anyone to print and iron-on shirts, or maybe you have a friend that has a shirt press?  You can even print this art out and make signs or frame it and hang it up.



Two things I ask of anyone downloading this art.


  1. Please do not sell this art, or anything such as shirts containing this art. Sharing and giving it away is perfectly fine. Selling, no.


  1. Reach out to one person. Family, friend, or maybe just a person you see on the train every day. Try and talk to that person you think may be going through something, or maybe reach out to someone that seems fine… just to say hi. Maybe this person is you?  If so, talk to someone and know you are not alone. You can even email me at .    


Pay it forward. Let’s keep the mental health awareness conversation going, and let’s go Islanders!

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